March 23, 2023
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best colleges in Canada for international students

Here are the best colleges in Canada that welcome international students. The majority of these universities are located in Ontario and Quebec as well as one in British Columbia and one in Newfoundland and Labrador. Be sure to visit the website of each university to confirm admission requirements as they differ from school to school and program to program.

If you’re thinking about applying, now is the time! Contact an admissions consultant or check out Canadian University Application Centre (CUAC) if you need help filling out your application or navigating the application process itself.

•What factors should I look at when choosing a school?

The choice of school is an important decision that will last for years. You’ll want to choose a program at a reputable university and college that fits your needs as well as your budget. An undergraduate education degree from a Canadian university or college can enhance your resume and boost your chances of landing a job when you finish school.

The reputation of a university or college, its program offerings, financial aid packages, location, and size are all factors to consider when choosing a school. Location is also very important since you may have to relocate if it’s far away from home. As well, keep costs in mind; tuition can be expensive in Canada so you must take into account scholarships and grants.

The top 5 universities/best colleges in Canada

1. The University of Toronto

2. University of British Columbia

3. McGill University 

4. Queen’s University

5. McMaster University

•Why do you suggest these schools?

Most people know that studying abroad is one of the best ways to gain exposure to a new culture and improve your language skills. But if you’re considering attending college in Canada, there are a few extra things you’ll want to consider.

While all Canadian universities offer some form of ESL support, it’s easier to get by with your native language at smaller schools. Many institutions don’t have large departments of English Language and Literature, which means they won’t be able to help you as much with grammar or vocabulary.

Instead, it’s easier to enroll at a larger school where there are more resources available for English as a Second Language (ESL) programs.

•What makes them unique?

If you’re an international student looking to pursue your degree in Canada, there are a few things that can help you decide where to study. Maybe it’s cost, location, or school size that’s most important to you. If so, there are tons of factors to consider and compare. Here are some tips on how to pick a school that will be right for you.

#1 University of Toronto, Scarborough. Best colleges in Canada for international students

The University of Toronto, Scarborough is located on an 11-acre campus and is just minutes away from downtown Toronto. Established in 1965, it is one of three campuses that form a part of Toronto’s impressive University of Toronto, along with St. George (located downtown) and Mississauga.

The university takes pride in its multi-million dollar state-of-the-art research facilities which include a life sciences complex, an oceanographic science center, an engineering complex, and a human biology building. UTSC has been ranked as one of Canada’s Top 10 Most Beautiful Campuses by Canadian Business magazine!

#2 York University. Best colleges in Canada for international students

Founded in 1959, York University is one of Canada’s most prestigious universities. With more than 42,000 students and nearly 4,500 faculty members and staff members, it is considered one of North America’s leading research universities. Notable alumni include Michael Lee-Chin (businessman), Donald Sutherland (actor), and William Shatner (actor).

The university has 14 faculties and 24 schools across three campuses: Osgoode Hall Law School & Common Law Centre, Schulich School of Business, and Glendon College (English as a Second Language). There are also eight affiliated colleges: King’s University College founded in 1942 by Dr. R.B.

#3 University of Ottawa, Ottawa. Best colleges in Canada for international students

This prestigious school is bilingual, which gives you opportunities to practice your French and networking options to help you find a job back home. Moreover, Ottawa ranks among one of the top university cities in Canada as it has an outstanding quality of life.

The city is full of restaurants, bars, and nightlife and many people are choosing to live here rather than commute to Toronto or Montreal. In addition, Ottawa is more affordable than those cities, so if money matters to you consider Ottawa your ideal destination!

This prestigious school is bilingual, which gives you opportunities to practice your French and networking options to help you find a job back home. Moreover, Ottawa ranks among one of the top university cities in Canada as it has an outstanding quality of life.

#4 University of British Columbia, Vancouver.

University of British
Best colleges in Canada

UBC is another Canadian destination where tuition, room, and board will set you back by more than $24,000 annually. That’s a lot of dough but only when compared to schools that take less from their students.

If you factor in UBC’s high scores on key rankings (which include its No. 1 position on QS’s World University Rankings list), it’s easy to see why so many international students go for it. In particular,

UBC ranks high on academic reputation, employer reputation, and research citation impact. The university also carries strong scores across almost all QS ranking metrics: academic reputation (No.

#5 Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec. Best colleges in Canada for international students

Concordia University is ranked as one of the top universities in Canada and around the world. A diverse school, Concordia has around 100 different nationalities represented among its population of 40,000+. The school offers more than 150 undergraduate and graduate programs taught in English, French, or both languages.

Located in Montreal, Quebec, with several student-run businesses on campus that are accessible to all students including a food co-op and pub. With some of the most affordable tuition rates among private schools on our list, Concordia is an excellent choice for prospective international students who want to study at a prestigious university without worrying about their student loans.

#6) Bishop’s University, Sherbrooke, Quebec.

University of Bishop's
Best colleges in Canada

Bishop’s University is a top-ranked school that attracts a diverse group of high-achieving, globally-minded students. International education has always been at Bishop’s core: The university was established by members of Britain’s Anglican Church in 1843 as Sherbrooke College, one of the best colleges in Canada.

The institution is situated on 82 hectares (200 acres) of beautiful land, just 35 minutes from downtown Montreal and within walking distance of Sherbrooke city center.

Almost 20% of Bishop’s 1,200 undergraduate students come from abroad; most hail from China, France, Japan, Korea, and Spain. With an average class size of 25 to 30 and a low student-to-faculty ratio (15:1), instructors are easily accessible.

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